Vaccinations & Annual Health Checks

Preventative health care and regular check ups are vital for maintaining your pet in optimal health. A full physical examination of your pet is performed at the time of vaccination. Heartworm prevention, worming treatments and flea control can also be given at the same time. Vaccinations are essential to protect your pet from serious and potentially fatal diseases.

Dogs are given a C5 vaccination which protects against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and canine cough. We use a modern vaccine against the core viruses which provides protection for 3 years. The canine cough vaccine still requires annual boosters to ensure protection.

Cats receive an annual F3 vaccination to protect against feline enteritis and components of cat flu. It is recommended for cats who spend time outdoors to also be vaccinated against FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus).

Puppy & Kitten Check Ups

Puppies and kittens are given a thorough check over during this visit and time is spent answering your questions and giving you all the information needed to care for your new family member.

Most pups would have had their first vaccination (at 6-8 weeks) prior to you bringing them home. We use a vaccine that is registered for a final vaccination at 10 weeks of age. This early protection allows your pup to start going for walks and socialising with other dogs much sooner than in the past, when a 3rd booster was required.

Kittens over 8 weeks of age require two vaccinations, 3-4 weeks apart. If your kitten will spend time outdoors at a later stage, it is recommend to also vaccinate against FIV, which requires three vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart.

Medical Consultations

We offer consultations for veterinary related concerns and illnesses such as skin conditions, ear infections, eye problems, lumps, wounds, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal problems.

Senior Health Checks & Arthritis Management

As our beloved pets age, it is important that they see out their golden years being happy, healthy and with the best quality of life possible. Just like in humans, age related diseases occur in our pets, so it is important that more frequent health checks are performed to detect and diagnose problems early. This gives us a better chance of enhancing your precious pet’s longevity.

During a senior health check, we will perform a thorough clinical examination as well as discuss common age related problems such as weight management and nutrition, mental health and mobility.

Many of our senior canine and feline pets suffer from arthritis. There is plenty that we can do to ensure your pet is as comfortable and pain free as possible – we will devise an individual plan for your pet which may include weight management, diet change, supplements, environmental changes at home, medication and controlled exercise.


Ear swabs, skin scrapes, fine needle aspirates of lumps and urine tests can all be performed at your home. Blood samples can be collected to send to a lab, with results usually within 24 hours. If we are unable to collect samples from your pet, we will discuss with you the best course of action, which may include calling in a veterinary nurse to assist.

Heartworm Prevention

We recommend an annual proheart injection for dogs which can be given at the same time as the annual health check and vaccination. If you prefer monthly medications, we will discuss the options available.

Veterinary Products

A selection of veterinary products such as intestinal wormers, flea control, ear cleaners and shampoos are available for purchase. Prescription food can be ordered in advance and delivered to you.


A priority of Mobile Pet Vet is to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. If your pet is very sick, we will discuss with you whether your pet would be better treated at a clinic rather than a housecall. If your pet requires hospitalisation for intravenous fluids, treatment and/or monitoring, we will arrange referral to a local vet clinic or emergency center. Similarly, should your pet require surgery or diagnostic workups such as x-rays or ultrasounds which cannot be performed in your home, we will organise referral for you. Referral to specialists can also be arranged if needed.


Mobile Pet Vet is dedicated to helping you through this incredibly difficult time by providing a compassionate home euthanasia service and making the process as peaceful as possible for you and your beloved pet.

Home euthanasia allows your pet to remain in their comfort zone to minimize the stress during their final moments. Being at home, the family will have privacy, space and can take the time needed to say goodbye to their beloved pet. We will talk you through the process so you know exactly what to expect and will discuss the options for caring for your pet’s body afterwards.